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Loksim3D is a leisure project of railway enthusiasts and software developers, who developed a program to simulate driving traction vehicles. Loksim3D simulates the tasks of a train driver. These tasks involve monitoring signals, operating the train protection systems, adhere to the schedule and constant vigilance in general. Due to the limited (time) resources of a leisure project not all duties of train operators are simulated, however it gives a pretty good impression of them. Additionally the program is under active development, so over time more and more aspects are added.

Have a good time with Loksim3D!

Screenshot aus Loksim3D



New Website

Submitted by lukash on Wed, 04/06/2016 - 19:41

Welcome on our new Website!

The new website is still under construction and will probably change over the next weeks and months now and then. It can also be that due to maintainance work it is not reachable for some periods of time.

The English translation of the homepage is only done partially, we will try to improve this over time.

After the migration of the most important parts of the old homepage, some more parts will be added to the new site, e.g. current screenshots taken in the simulator.